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Grania 231013 v2


Let me introduce myself.  I'm Grania and I'm very pleased that you given a look here. I take care of the Cat's Atelier store and our customers' orders.

I look after the entire order fulfillment process - from accepting it, through supervising production, to packaging and shipping the products. I will also correspond with you in all matters related to store's offer or your purchase.

Do you have questions regarding products or want to know the status of your order? Feel free to reach out - I'm here to help you.




Gwiazdko-łapki ocen (500x76)

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& grab an extended, 5-years warranty for our products

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We have been on the market for many years, as the company’s beginnings date back to 1990 – giving us over 30 years of market experience. We are a registered private company and pay taxes in the European Union. You can easily verify our credibility in the official list of registered companies in the European Union (LINK). We serve customers worldwide and have excellent reviews regarding product quality and service. We believe you will become one of our satisfied customers.

We are caregivers to several cats and a dog, so we understand their needs perfectly. The offered products are the realization of our own ideas, which allow us to make the lives of pets even more comfortable. In our atelier, beauty meets quality because we adhere to the principle that only perfect products are good enough. This is what our customers particularly value about us.

You can pay for your purchases in many ways. We offer payment methods including PayPal, credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, and others), Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayU, Klarna, Stripe, and more. You will surely find a convenient payment method for yourself.

Yes, you can buy in installments using payment methods like PayU, Stripe, or Klarna. Details can be found in our terms and conditions, as well as during the purchase process when you choose the installment payment option. Installments are a great option – you buy now and pay later!

When finalizing your order, you will be redirected directly to a financial institution (e.g., PayPal, your bank, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and others) that handles the payment method you’ve chosen. All data you provide during the payment process is encrypted, and no one has access to it. Our store also does not have access to this information. You can be confident that your payments are fully secure.

We understand that when making a purchase, you expect prompt order processing. Therefore, as soon as we receive your order, we immediately start working on it. Each product is made according to the parameters you select when placing the order, and it requires several steps before it’s completed. However, we work quickly, and usually, after just a few days, we’re ready to ship the merchandise.

Yes, we include assembly components with all products that require assembly. The package also contains assembly instructions and links to online videos that provide essential assembly information. Upon your request, we can also send you the appropriate assembly instructions in the form of a PDF file. You can read such instructions on any computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

We place significant importance on packaging our products securely. We use multi-layered cardboard boxes, and the items inside are wrapped with stretch film and bubble wrap. Additionally, we reinforce the cardboard corners with durable cardboard angles. This packaging ensures that you receive your order in excellent condition.

We send all products using express shipments, primarily utilizing FedEx courier services. Delivery time to European Union countries is usually 2-3 business days, and to other countries, it’s typically 3-5 business days.

Yes, you can cancel a purchase, return the goods, and receive a refund. You don’t have to provide a reason for the return – it’s sufficient to send back the returned merchandise at your own expense. Details about canceling a purchase and returning items can be found in our terms and conditions.

We provide a warranty for all products for a period of 24 months. For customers who have subscribed to our newsletter, we offer an extended warranty of up to 60 months. The terms for extending the warranty can be found in our terms and conditions.

Absolutely! We ourselves take care of several cats and a dog, so we understand how important their safety is. That’s why all our products are made from ecological materials with appropriate certifications, ensuring they are safe even for small children. When it comes to the construction of our products, we go well beyond the necessary parameters. This means, for instance, that the load-bearing capacity of our cat shelves is at least 25 kg (55 pounds), which is significantly more than required. What we do is truly robust!

All payment information is securely processed and managed by the chosen operator (PayPal, credit cards, e-wallets). Our store doesn’t handle or have access to your private payment information.

You will find answers to such questions on the product card itself. We provide detailed information about the product and its assembly there. For certain products, we also include links to instructional videos on the product cards, demonstrating how to assemble the specific item.