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Water sprayer, or how to quickly ruin a relationship with a cat.

Spraying a Cat with Water. This is a method recommended on forums, groups for cat lovers, and sometimes even on animal blogs! It’s supposed to be effective and easy to use. But does it really have no drawbacks? Or is it the reason for the deteriorating relationship with the cat?



What's in the liver?

Water Sprayer: A “disciplinary method” that remains popular among some cat caregivers. Theoretically, it’s supposed to help discourage the cat from unwanted behaviors, but due to a misunderstanding of its mechanism, it usually turns out to be the cause of many cat-human relationship breakdowns. Find out why the so-called cat sprayer should have been long gone.

Spraying Your Cat with Water? Stop as Soon as Possible!

Does your cat jump on the kitchen counter or maybe the dining table? Scratches furniture? Urinates outside the litter box? Shows aggressive behavior? “Spray him with water” – friends advise. He’ll get scared and stop breaking your house rules. Problem solved! Or is it?

Spraying with water is a popular method of punishing a cat that misbehaves and a way to deter him from places we don’t want him to be. Many sources and cat caregivers recommend this method to this day. Cats don’t like water sprayed in their faces, so the sprayer seems like the perfect solution. It doesn’t harm, doesn’t require force or even raising your voice, yet it amazes with its “effectiveness”. Spray with water and the cat jumps off the counter. Just show him the bottle, and he knows he shouldn’t be there.

But is this teaching the cat? It’s more of a warning not to get on the counter when you’re around – you’re the cause of the unpleasant event. You stand in the way of the cat’s natural needs.

WARNING! This method might effectively discourage the cat from doing “forbidden things” in your home. At the same time, it discourages him from the caregiver, which is you. Using a water bottle against a cat is deliberately destroying the understanding between cat and human.

Punishing a Cat for Being a Cat…

A cat doesn’t understand why he can’t jump to a higher level or why he’s forbidden to scratch the sofa – these are completely natural behaviors for him. If we take in an animal that loves to climb, and for whom scratching is a form of communication, we can’t forbid it. It’s like getting mad at a bird for singing or a hamster for storing food in its cheeks.

We can’t forbid a cat from natural behaviors, and moreover – it’s our duty to provide him with the opportunity to do them. In this situation, all we can do is redirect the animal’s behavior so that without harming household items and the residents themselves, he can peacefully follow his instincts. However, this should not be done by instilling fear in the cat – and that’s exactly what spraying him with water does

Cat Sprayer – The Destructive “Spray Effect”

The “spray effect” causes very negative emotions in the cat: uncertainty, frustration, extremely harmful stress… It also reminds the cat of hissing – a typical sign of fear.

Instead of deterring the cat from “forbidden” places and punishing him for behaviors we see as undesirable, we should give him an alternative he can use. If he scratches furniture – give him an attractive and tall scratching post, placed in a visible place (not behind a curtain or on a balcony). If the problem is urination – determine the cause with a veterinarian, instead of additionally stressing the cat by punishing him. If the cat bites and scratches you – just play with him, but not with your hands, with toys.

The problem should therefore be solved with the help of a specialist or – if his behavior is natural – give the cat another allowed option. Chasing him away will only intensify emotional problems, and consequently – problems with the animal’s behavior.

Bad Human

The worst-case scenario is when the cat sees that the shower comes from your hands. Then all the negative emotions, experiences, and memories will be permanently associated with you! It’s a recipe for completely ruining your relationship. The cat will be afraid of you. There’s nothing positive about the cat being scared of you. Lack of trust will manifest through aggression or avoiding you. And in your absence, he will continue to do what he has been doing. It’s likely that with increased force. Fear always brings the opposite effect of the intended one.

Water Sprayer for Cats Doesn’t Work!

  • The cat’s level of frustration increases as he can’t meet his needs.
  • The cat doesn’t feel safe in his territory; lack of territorial comfort leads to behavioral disorders and even health problems.
  • The cat sees the caregiver as an enemy, is afraid of him, runs away, or behaves aggressively towards him.
  • The cat might stop breaking house rules, but only when you’re nearby.

Before you start modifying cat behavior – learn to understand it. The cat doesn’t do anything maliciously, this emotion is simply alien to him. Only a person who simply doesn’t understand the nature of the animal can come to such a conclusion. This cannot be changed (it can be modified), and certainly not by punishing the animal. That’s what spraying a cat with water is. Spraying is not only ineffective but also leads to the development of behavioral problems. Throw the water sprayer in the trash. When eliminating undesirable behaviors, always use positive support, never negative!

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